The Jedi and Mandalorian

Episode 5

Trysha Starkiller and Kailes Anasazi were sent to Bothawui to investigate activities in Hutt space. They have been ordered to meet with the Republic command there.

The Unspeakable Haste lands and the pair are met by a female bothan named Dara Zeorg. They have had difficulty with spice smugglers and need them to go to Hutt space. Dara tells them that they have are to be assigned a pilot with a ship. The pilot is a Mon Cal named Slyk Suzuki. Dara indicates that a Nautelan tracker has also been employed Ossa Rynt.

They board Slyk’s ship the Stellar Wave and Kailes concludes they need to proceed Nar Kaaga. JG-94, Slyk’s astromech, enters the coordinates. Research reveals Vyri Zionz as a local Devaronian “businessman” who may provide information.

The ship lands in docking bay 42. Gamorreans hook up the maintenance cables.

Slyk heads off on his own to relax and gamble. The other three proceed to a local dive where Vyri operates.

Two Nikto flank the entrance to Vyri’s base of operations. Trysha suggests that they have an appointment and enter. Vyri greets Trysha, by name, and asks their business.

Trysha explains that they have been sent by Republic command to investigate smugglers operating out of Hutt Space and causing difficulties. Vyri is initially taken aback by the suggestion that he knows something about this. Trysha responds saying that they are not suggesting he is doing anything illegal, but simply that he may have heard something.

Vyri says that he thinks this is related to piracy occurring that has been harassing his shipments and that perhaps a leak in his organization is responsable. Trysha offers to carry a shipment for him in hopes of flushing out the pirates. Vyri concurs and sets up a shipment to the planet Excarga.

Meanwhile, Slyk is playing cards and in a series of high stakes betting starts a stare down with a Rodian player. The situation devolves into a combat where Slyk manages to defeat the Rodian with his stun baton.

Trysha, Ossa, and Kailes return to the ship. Kailes hacks into the com systems and intercepts a transmission, in Nikto language, about the shipment. The trio heads to the area of the city from where the transmission eminated.

Kailes rockets ahead and finds the building which is almost built to be a fortress. Trysha and Ossa arrive. Kailes hails the comlink so he can triangulate the location. Kailes flies and Trysha leaps to the 3rd floor of the building and run to the room.

Tossing a flashbang grenade, Kailes jumps in and subdues a Nikto. Trysha takes the blaster and the comlink and then hands the blaster to Ossa. They call Slyk for a pickup and run to the roof. They run to the roof, defeat 4 guards and board the ship with the captured, stunned Nikto in tow.



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