• Jakuu Teeb

    Jakuu Teeb

    Jakuu is the copilot of Unspeakable Haste and is loyal to fault to his captain.
  • Mego  Zheen

    Mego Zheen

    The captain of the starship known as Unspeakable Haste. An Ithorian with a bit of scoundrel mixed in with her good naturedness.
  • Randa the Hutt

    Randa the Hutt

    Randa the Hutt is the leader of the crime syndicate on the planet of Nar Kaga. A medium sized planet on the outer rim covered with deciduous forests, crystal clear lakes and blue-green seas.
  • Ryn Talaor

    Ryn Talaor

    This will be Clay's Jedi Character