Crevasse City is the perfect embodiment of Alderaanian philosophy. It is listed as one of the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy in “Arturum Galactinum” by Vicendi, and melds society and nature together with breath-taking beauty. The city itself is built directly into steep canyon walls and descends downward into tranquil caverns filled with exotic crystal formations and underground waterways. Tucked away from this natural beauty is Crevasse City’s industrial sector, which provides geothermal power to the city and is home to one of the Alderaanian mines. This juxtaposition of preserving and exploiting the planet seems to be a perfect metaphor for this planet’s culture and recent political struggles.

A Painted Landscape

Situated in the Alderaan sector of the Core Worlds, Alderaan’s surface is one of natural beauty. Occasionally called the “shining star” of the Core Worlds, the planet’s lush forests, grassy plains and snow-capped mountain ranges provide inspiration for many of the galaxy’s writers, who often travel to Alderaan to invoke their muse. Flying through the skies are giant winged creatures known as Thrantas, which are commonly used for air transportation over the planet’s vast plains. Thranta riders can look down upon these plains to view grazing lands for the native nerf herds.

Artists, poets and philosophers frequently visit the Castle Lands of Oroboro, home of the Killik mounds. Standing for over 31,000 years, these mounds were originally built by Alderaan’s native Killiks, centuries before the indigenous species was taken from the planet by another ancient civilization known as the Celestials, or the Architects. Rumors state that the Killik species traveled to several other planets (including a failed attempt to colonize Korriban) before they were enslaved by the Celestials to build Centerpoint Station in the Corellian system. Killik hives can still be found in Alderaan’s subterranean caverns.

A Peaceful Target

Humans first arrived on Alderaan almost 24,000 years before the Treaty of Coruscant, and later served as one of the core founders of the Galactic Republic. During these early years, Alderaanians set up a constitutional monarchy that saw the crown passed down generation to generation. While the sovereignty was mostly hereditary, the right to rule the planet has passed between several ruling houses over the centuries, including House Organa, House Panteer, and the exiled House Thul. The transitions between ruling families were historically easy. However, the current shift of power is unfortunately wrought with dissent.

During the Great War, only 300 years after the Mandalorian Cassus Fett’s attempt to invade Alderaan was thwarted, the Sith Empire invaded the peaceful planet, and the royal family of Panteer was taken hostage. Seeking to wound the Republic’s spirit, Darth Malgus brought an assault force to the surface and laid siege to many of its palaces and landscapes on their way to the capital city of Aldera. Unknown to Malgus, the Republic stationed its troops across the planet, and Havoc Squad was in the perfect position to ambush the Sith Lord and rout his forces. Unfortunately, this victory came at a cost that Alderaan would not soon forget.

The Divided Houses

The historically peaceful planet took up a hard-line stance within the Senate and began to encourage aggressive action against the Sith Empire. The frustrated crown prince, Senator Gaul Panteer, decided to secede from the Republic after the galactic government signed the Treaty of Coruscant. A few years after declaring Alderaan’s independence, Panteer and his mother, the reigning Queen, died under mysterious circumstances. This started a chain of events that would throw the planet into civil war.

With no heir to the throne, the council of nobles argued about who would rule, now that their queen and prince were gone. In a strange turn of events, the council pushed a law through that would enable House Thul to return from an exile imposed for suspicion of aiding the Empire. This did not sit well with one of Alderaan’s most decorated generals, Bouris Ulgo. He disagreed wholeheartedly, especially given that House Thul was returning with Imperial support. Ulgo intervened, declared martial law, and appointed himself king.

Tipping the Balance

Alderaan’s future in the galaxy remains uncertain. An independent planet with its parliament in turmoil, it is in a precarious position. House Thul is poised to make a grab for the throne with the Empire at its back, while House Organa receives political support from the Republic and the self-proclaimed king Bouris Ulgo slips into insanity. Military historians believe that Alderaan may turn into a war zone, with both governments battling for the upper hand while the planet’s natural wildlife looks on.


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