Tatooine orbits two suns and is a complete desert with less than 1% of the planet covered in surface water. Despite the arid nature of the planet, life has still found a way. Tatooine’s feral residents include Krayt Dragons, Womp rats, Dewbacks, Wraids, and eventually even a Sarlacc. In addition to these creatures, many sentient species carve out a place amongst the sand and rock. Tatooine is a planet that once had it all. It was lush and vibrant, but it quickly became a desert, nearly devoid of all civilized life.

Early History

Tatooine was not always a desert. It was once a lush and beautiful world with large oceans and plentiful life. At this time the planet was inhabited by the technologically advanced Kumumgah. Unfortunately this would not last. Tatooine was eventually invaded by the Rakata, and they proceeded to conquer and enslave the native species. When the Kumumgah eventually rebelled, even managing to push the Rakata off the planet, the Rakata responded by “glassing” the planet; turning the lush Tatooine into a virtual desert. The resulting climate change caused the Kumumgah to split into two races: the Tusken Raiders, or Sandpeople, and the Jawas.

Republic History

Tatooine was eventually rediscovered by the Galactic Republic in 5,000 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). In 4,200 BBY the first colony, named Anchorhead, was established by off worlders. The settlers presence eventually disturbed the native Tusken Raider’s culture, resulting in their evolution into the aggressive Sand People.

Over many years, the settlement was abandoned and recolonized continuously. At the time of the Jedi Civil War, the planet was practically controlled by the Czerka Corporation. They were attempting to mine ores from Tatooine. This operation provoked attacks from the Tusken Raiders, causing countless skirmishes. Into this environment Revan appeared, and he managed to barter a truce between the Tusken Raiders and the settlers.

Current History

At the time of Star Wars: The Old Republic very little history is known about Tatooine. It is worth noting that the lore record states that Anchorhead, and the planet in general, was abandoned sometime after Revan’s departure and would not be rediscovered until 1,100 BBY.

With the absence of settlers, Czerka Corporation has decided that Tatooine is a perfect planet for their Secret Weapons division. Without any supervision, Czerka Corportion proceeded to perform outrageous experiments and test alien technology. The extent to which these experiments warped the native or non-native life on the planet is unknown. What is clear, however, is that Czerka Corporation pulled out of Tatooine almost as quickly as they arrived, leaving behind their Secret Weapons complex.

After the departure of Czerka Corporation, Anchorhead became a smuggler’s refuge with many outlaws and pirates using the planet. Although Anchorhead often serves as a resupply stop for Republic starships in the Outer Rim, the Republic has no official presence here. Unbeknown to the Republic however, the Sith Empire has decided to explore the abandoned Czerka Corporation complex. The Imperials have even gone so far as to establish a military presence on the planet, using the revamped spaceport of Mos Ila as a base. Mos Ila sits precariously close to Anchorhead.


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